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Moldmaking TechnologyMoldmaking Tech September 2012 cover

Automation Advancements Streamline Mold Manufacturing
September 2012

Implementing new technologies across the entire shop floor improves overall accuracy, productivity and profitability.


Wood & Wood ProductsWood and Wood Products cover October 2012

5-Axis Spurs Work at Four Corners
October 2012

A few months after Four Corners purchased a router, the economy went into a tailspin and owner David Brigham saw a number of his competitors struggling. But Four Corners did not…see how Mastercam helped them through hard times.


Moldmaking TechnologyMoldmaking Tech September 2012 cover

No-cost CAM upgrade gives mold manufacturer major productivity boosts
September 2012

Two of the most labor-intensive and costly operations in a mold shop are roughing and fine finishing. Dave King, owner of Choice Tool was all ears when his local CAM reseller called to inform him that these cost factors were about to change dramatically. Mastercam contained several new features that would greatly improve his productivity.

CNC West magazineAerospace

Faster than the Wind
April/May 2012

There is a method to Curtis Hesselgrave¹s madness. He designs and manufacturers fins that are used by participants in the Luderitz Speed Challenge, an event that demonstrates just how fast a sail powered vessel can travel. And, he uses Mastercam to help his customers break the records.


PRI magazine

Advances in CAD/CAM
March 2012

Oftentimes it seems like computer technology evolves at whirl-wind speed. Read this article to see opinions from different software programs out there, including Mastercam!

Tech Directions magazineAerospace

CAD/CAM, Creativity, and Discipline Lead to Turnaround School Success
February 2012

Miami Central HS technology teacher Frank Houghtaling loves it when he sees that light of understanding flash in a student¹s eyes. ³They make the connection with what they are learning in my technology arts and engineering class with what they are learning in geometry class. It becomes real to them.


Moldmaking Technology

How to Lengthen Tool Life with CAM Software Moves?
March 2012

Long tool life is a combination of three elements: the tooling used the way it¹s designed to be used; the holder to contain that tool as rigidly as possible; and how the programming software is applied. CAM software, as it relates to tool life, does two things: it controls the tool motion and the entry and exit of the workpiece material.

Moldmaking Technology magazineAerospace

Afraid of Pushing Your Cutting Tools?
January 2012

To put it simply, CAD/CAM software developers create code that controls tool motion. The operating parameters we live by are that the toolpaths be efficient, safe and respectful. In other words, the software creates tool motion that is economical and smart, yet won¹t cause harm to the tools, machine or operator.


American Machinist magazine

Programming Offline, and In the Groove
May 2012

Victaulic is a global manufacturer and supplier of mechanical pipe joining products, including grooved pipe fittings and fluid movement systems. The products are manufactured in metalcasting plants throughout the world. Victaulic was one of the first metalcasters to move from traditional approaches that involved tracers and hardwood master patterns to precision-machined steel tooling for its casting production.

ENERGY Manufacturing 2012moldmaking

A Rich Helping of Lean Energy Manufacturing
May 2012

Modern CAM software provides a myriad of capabilities that can help manufacturers improve productivity and reduce costs. However, many companies only take advantage of a small fraction of these. A major exception to this rule is ADEX Machining Technologies, a rapidly growing 5-axis CNC manufacturing startup business serving a thriving energy OEM manufacturing base. And, they use Mastercam!


Manufacturing Engineering

Taming Multiblade Parts Programming
May 2012

Repetitive multiaxis manufacturing of complex parts poses a special challenge to CAM software manufacturers. When considering the possible alternative approaches, CNC Software Inc. came to the conclusion that the CAM software should be simple yet highly intelligent. Enter Mastercam Blade Expert!

CNC Westmoldmaking

Renton Mastercam Training Builds Careers
May 2012

Renton Tech has grown to become one of northwest Washington’s leading institutions of higher education. Today, more than 11,000 students attend Renton Tech annually, earning degrees and certificates in a wide range of disciplines and filling the needs of a host of industries. See how Mastercam plays a part!


Modern Machine Shop

Vector Programming Eases Five-Axis Aerospace Machining
May 2012

Desemco can be best described as a five-axis aerospace job shop that can take projects from initial design to final production. This 15-person company counts on its competitive pricing, top-notch quality and excellent on-time delivery record to win work from a nearby aerospace manufacturer. And, they use Mastercam!

Modern Machine Shopmoldmaking

Renton Mastercam Training Builds Careers
March 2012

Astro Machine Works has achieved record annual sales in each of the last five years. Eric Blow, company president, credits this in part to the shop’s diverse customer base as well as the breadth of manufacturing capabilities it has in-house. They specialize in machining precision parts and building custom machinery for a wide range of applications…and they use Mastercam!


Manufacturing Engineering

Medical is Their Middle Name
March 2012

Medical components manufacturer 3D Medical Manufacturing is aggressively pursuing a program of continuous improvement of its computer automated manufacturing capabilities. To facilitate this, they are partnering with their Mastercam Reseller, to identify and incorporate software features most relevant to the company's specific needs.

Manufacturing News

CAM Software Supports a Unique Drag Racing Engine Manufacturing Business Model
January 2012

Racing and manufacturing are strange bedfellows. The mentality required to succeed at one can be a drawback for being efficient at the other. That was the situation in which Brad Anderson Enterprises found itself when the company installed its first 5-axis system for porting cylinder heads in 1998.


CNC West

The Internet Has His Back
December 2011/January 2012

Morris Melani gives new meaning to the often heard phrase, "machine shop in his garage." His garage is in Big Lake, Alaska, a village 60 miles north of Anchorage where housing units are spaced on average every 16.1 square miles and temperatures can dip as low as -50F. Melani's start-up business is Alaska Arms LLC, a company who uses Mastercam to supply custom-manufactured firearms components, primarily to gun makers and collectors.

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